1. Preschool

    Come and join us for a time to play, create, talk, and discover ways to help children grow physically and mentally.

  2. Elementary

    Children in elementary school will have fun in these programs geared to educate and entertain.

  3. Intermediate

    Older kids are given the chance to take part in more involved programs with more activities and opportunities to learn.

  4. Middle School

    Find programs suitable for middle school students.

  5. High School

    Programs geared towards high school students give them a chance to stretch their creativity, use their skills, and serve the community, all to help them develop skills for adulthood.

  6. Community

    By offering programs for the community, Youth Services allows everyone to get involved in activities that help to strengthen and encourage youth, as well as take part in individual fun and development.

  7. Parenting

    It's important for parents to have resources and programs to help support and educate them, and Ellington's Youth Services offers several options.

  8. Register on Activenet

    Register online for various Ellington youth programs using Activenet.