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Kindnessspirit kindness club

Everyone fits in here! A place for school-age children of all abilities, including children with special needs, to enjoy fun activities and meet new people. These nights are themed-based with open and non-competitive activities to choose from, for a fun night. This is where all children from all abilities learn to play, to interact, and socialize with each other. We will have an area for parents to relax, unwind and connect with other parents to get a small break (if they want). We are also looking for adults or older students to volunteer to help be role models for everyone.

WHEN: Third Tuesday of every month:

November 19th - Sensory and Art

December 17th - Sports

TIME: 6:00 to 7:00pm

WHERE: Ellington Middle School, 46 Middle Butcher Road

REGISTER: on Activenet. Code: SPIRIT.FALL