The Kind Farm Series

Ellington Youth Services proudly presents The Kind Farm animation Series featuring Mel the Cow and Billie the Goat. Journey with Mel using the Worry Map to find tools to help cope with worry and anxiety.

Mel the Cow and Billie Goat 

   Mel the Cow                                                      Billie the Goat

Kind Farm Bag items

If you have been following along with our animated Kind Farm series with Mel and Billie... good news!! We have created Kind Farm Goodie bags full of great stuff! Inside there will be, a stuffed animal Mel and Billie, a copy of the Worry Map, a copy of our Feelings Workbook (a great interactive book to help kids figure out how to deal with their emotions), bubbles, a pencil, and a squishy tractor!! All of this for FREE!! 

Stop by our office at 31 Arbor Way to pick up a bag for your little one! If you want to learn more please give us a call. Please take advantage of these great FREE and FUN resources!

Kind Farm Bag   

The Kind Farm Series episodes

Video#1 -  Introducing Mel and Billie 

Video#2 - Episode 1: Afraid of the dark

Video#3 - Episode 2: Thunderstorm!

video#4 - Episode 3: Sleepover at Grandma's

Video#5 - Episode 4: Playground Worry

video#6 - Episode 5: kind farm summer camp

(Stay tuned for more episodes!)

Mel's Worry Map                                                  Mel's Worry Map in PDF

worry map 

Back of Worry Map REV2