1. Alcohol & Peer Pressure Tips for Teens

    Teens often deal with new experiences, peer pressure, and more choices. The tips on this page can help them navigate this time of their life.

  2. Bullying

    Bullying happens in schools, families, and neighborhoods, and Ellington Youth Services offers counseling and other resources for education and assistance in coping with and preventing it.

  3. Counseling

    Youth Services is committed to developing a counseling relationship based on mutual respect, and to creating a warm and trusting environment in which to facilitate the counseling process.

  4. Forms

    Access important forms, applications and information related to the programs related to Ellington's Youth Services.

  5. Internet Safety

    Reduce risks associated with advancing technology by talking to your kids about how they communicate online and offline.

  6. Local Services & Phone Numbers

    Refer to these numbers and websites to find more information and services related to the well being of youth and their families.

  7. Parenting

    Parenting is hard work, and our positive parenting resources and general information can help.