Science Resources

Online ToolDescriptionPK-1Grades 2-3Grades 4-6Middle SchoolHigh School
Scholastic Learn at Home
Day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing.XXXXX
NASA Kids Club
Explore NASA Stem ResourcesXXXXX
Amazing Space
Online explorations: Investigate planets, galaxies, comets ,black holes, and more! XXXX
Mystery Science
Mini lessons and full lessons with hands-on activities available.XXX

Daily Science Activity
Daily science activities for kids. XXX

14 Day Trial EduCode
Free trial for coding program. 

Everyday Earth
Earth Science exploration and hands on experiments. 

30 Day Trial Science 4 Us
Digital animated lessons, interactive games, and hands-on activities. XX

Exploring Nature
Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science resources for K-12XXXXX
Kesler Science
3 weeks of Earth, Life, and Physical Sciences

Phet Labs
Interactive Simulations for Science and MathXXXXX
Science Buddies
STEM activities for kids. XXXXX
The Science Spot
Lessons for Learning at Home

Moby Max
Differentiated learning for all students.
Mystery Doug
5 Minute videos to answer real students science questionsXXX

Answers to students wonderings. 
Students learn the basics of coding by dragging blocks to develop code and accomplish a task.