Special Resources

Online ToolDescriptionType of Resource
Online keyboarding lessons. Keyboarding
Dance Mat Typing
Beginning keyboarding practice. Keyboarding
Basho & Friends
Music-based foreign language resources with a focus on SpanishMusic / Spanish
Music Lab
Chrome Music Lab makes learning music more accessible through fun, hands-on experiments. Music
Music Theory
Various music lessons online. Music
Doodles Academy
Free art projects and doodle practice. Art
Muffalo Potato
Learn to draw in minutes using only numbers and letters with guided YouTube videos. Art
Learn a new language.Foreign Language
Healthy Fun Choices
A creative community to connect with others from all over the world, while getting to learn about topics that are important to our wellness. Mindset
The OT Toolbox
Based on function and occupation-centered activities, the ideas shared on this site promote the underlying skills needed for action and performance in kids.
Occupational Therapy
All Kids Network
Fun kids activities.Arts and Crafts
Theatre Practitioner Research Workbook
Lots of research and exploration tasks based on students looking into one particular practitioner.
Go Noodle
Movement and Mindfulness videos. Movement (Dance, Stretching, etc.)
Make Beliefs Comix
Design, write, and create your own character to star in the comic you write. Art