Self Care

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Self-care is not selfish, not expensive, not labor-intensive. Self-care is not for times of weakness, sadness, or hopelessness. Self-care is being aware of what times and methods help us feel our best.

But how?
We are busy. School, work, activities, clubs - the to do list can grow before we even have the chance to catch up. We must try to make time, every day, or at least a few days a week, to do something we love. What if we took ten minutes, to write, or dance around the kitchen, or play with the dog, or try a new recipe, or drive aimlessly, or listen to music—whatever it is that makes us most glad to be alive.

Try self-care for a day. See if it's a welcome reprieve from the normal routine. If it is, consider doing it—or something different!—every day for a week. A month. A year. Establishing a self-care routine like this is ideal in forming—or breaking—habits. Prioritizing these habits increase self-esteem, self-awareness, and overall self-improvement.