Our Programs

creativity based programs

EYS offers creativity based programs for all ages to promote healthy self expression. Creativity can help focus the mind and improve concentration while pulling negative thoughts and memories out of their mind. The range of creative programs EYS offers include: crafty class, paint nights, pokemon, ….

leadership based programs

EYS offers leadership based programs for all ages to promote peer acceptance and goal setting while focusing on the foundations of leadership. These foundations include respect, teamwork, knowing your limits, self expression, and compassion.  Examples of these programs include: leadership challenge, peer leadership, Wingman…

social emotional learning programs


Through social emotional learning programs, EYS combines movement, crafts, and games to allow our children to feel uncomfortable emotions in a controlled way. Children leave these programs with confidence in self and compassion for others. Examples of these programs are 123 Learning About me, My Feelings and Me, and Playgroup.

skill building / educational programs

EYS recognizes the importance of the specialized interests of youth through our skill building and educational based programs. These programs allow community members and staff  the opportunity to contribute to the positive development of the youth of Ellington. Skill building/educational programs include:  safe sitter, stem, search and build with Lego bricks…

school readiness programs

The school readiness programs created by EYS are meant to ease transitions and give confidence to our children during what can be challenging times in new environments. These programs are Ready Set Kindergarten, Safety Town, and EMS Scavenger Hunt.

workshops & Support groups

  • QPR
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Vaping 101
  • Substance Abuse Information