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Our workshops provide all our community members with an opportunity to learn. Sharing useful information on vulnerable topics initiates conversation.

Conversations make a difference. We offer a vast amount of workshops covering topics like: NARCAN, QPR, Mental Health First Aid, Vaping 101, and Substance Abuse Information.

EYS hopes that adults maintain the same amount of peer support that we know to be essential for our children. This is why we have created parent support groups that encourage open communication among caregivers.

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We invite our families and adults to CHECK IN.

Current Workshops

QPR & NARCANThe trainer, John Lally will focus on two topics:

  • The opioid problem, including fentanyl, recognizing signs of an overdose and training on how to give naloxone an antidote to opiate overdose.
  • QPR, will focus on simple techniques on how to approach someone who might be suicidal and encourage them to get some help and support.

Both of these trainings are designed to help us save a life.

March 20
EYS (31 Arbor Way)
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Kids start talking about dating in 6th-8th grade. EYS can help parents bring up the intimidating topic of relationships in a way that assures our kids are starting off strong (with healthy habits).

April 25
EYS (31 Arbor Way)
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